Rob Tatman

This page tries to explain who I am and what I’m about.

For a professional bio see my work pages or LinkedIn profile

I live with my daughters in Henley-on-Thames, UK.

I love working with smart, driven people on challenging meaningful projects. (Hint: money + prestige ≠ meaning)

I grew up in Scotland, England, the USA, and Belgium. We moved house a lot.

I see change as a constant and love learning about new people, places, ideas and perspectives.

My parents taught me that we are all equal and that we should treat each other accordingly.

I used to teach sailing.  I love seeing people’s sense of surprise and achievement when they get the knack.

I believe that we are all awesome but often lack self-belief.

I sometimes worry about looking back on my life when I’m old and regretting the things I didn’t do.

I dreamt of visiting all seven continents as a child. So I did.

I dreamt of overcoming an old rugby injury and completing the classic fell-running challenge; the Bob Graham Round. So I did.