Henley Round Table

UPDATE 2019. I’m no longer involved in Round Table. It was great fun but, particularly with a young family and other priorities, I just don’t have the time any more.

Arriving in Henley in summer 2008 for a short work project, I called the one person I knew in Henley and soon found myself caught up with a great bunch of guys who like to socialise and also put something back into the local community.

Round Table is an international social networking and charitable club for men aged between 18 and 45. No, there’s no funny handshakes and it’s not the same as the Lions or Rotary 😉

In the last 3 years, we have raised and donated over £20,000 to local charities including the Chiltern Centre and Bishopswood School. We are able to do this by running 3 main yearly events: May Fair, Fireworks and the Christmas Float.

It’s a great way of getting involved in the local community and we are always looking for new ideas and members.