Business Design

In essence, I am a translator and a facilitator, spanning the strategy, business and technology worlds.

My work cuts across different business areas and combines razor-sharp analysis, technology, and project management skills with outstanding interpersonal skills. I’ve learnt through the years that these soft skills make the real difference to project success by building trust and collaboration.

I juggle a range of perspectives, zooming in and out as necessary. My experience operating at a senior level and Executive MBA give me a strong business focus and my background in software development gives me credibility with engineering.

Managing the inherent friction between these perspectives and priorities is where the fun begins! There’s often no right answer. I drive consensus and decisions calmly by clarifying viewpoints, injecting a bit of humour to settle tensions, guiding the discussions objectively and openly, and making sure the implications are understood by all.

It seems to work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great organisations who ask me back again and again.