Executive MBA



The cost/benefit decision to study for an Executive MBA was a headache.

The costs seemed clear:

  • 18 months off work
  • Loss of earnings
  • Tuition fees – £33k
  • China/South Africa study visits
  • A small mountain of coffee

But the benefits seemed intangible:

  • The piece of paper and associated recognition
  • Impact on career progression and opportunities
  • Improved network of experienced managers
  • Refined managerial skills, knowledge, awareness, and confidence
  • Personal development

No amount of rational analysis could calculate an ROI here.

So my decision came down to a simple question I asked the 50-odd people I spoke to who had done an MBA, “Would you do it again?”. Everyone said yes. Many said that if they did it again they would go to Henley. Decision made.

A retrospective

It was a tough but rewarding 18 months. The level of experience (ave age 37), mix of nationalities, industries and job roles meant that we weren’t simply memorising standard business theory. A healthy atmosphere of robust but respectful challenge and support for reflection helped.

Business is about people and how we work together. I’m fascinated by how it works. And often doesn’t. Learning more about it has to be a good thing.

Would I do the MBA again? Hell, yeah!